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Nancy, ON

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading. It’s incredibly real. So many human moments, human emotions so many of us feel and experience and yet so rarely share or discuss.

"I just want my happy little family and a white picket fence"


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At thirty, Jen had her happy little family - a nice house, a loving husband, kids and the family dog. It was a life she was raised to want, caught between the two vastly different worlds of her parents - the chaotic and exciting world of her mother and the stable and predictable life of her father. From the outside looking in, it appeared she had it all. So, when she hit rock bottom just a few years later, she’d have to dismantle everything she thought she knew about herself and the life she wanted. 


To rebuild, that white picket fence her family worked so hard to create would have to come down and Jen would be forced to choose a side, coming face-to-face with her past and all the memories she’d kept locked away. 


In this heartwrenching memoir, Jen explores the impossible moulds placed on us by society and family, the day-to-day struggles of mental health and generational trauma. Told in a series of flashbacks that combine her love of storytelling, raw honesty and dark humour, Jen shares her life behind the white picket fence and how she came to burn it all down. 

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